We offer Permanent Makeup Treatment at our Ibstock studio. Also known as Micro Pigmentation, it is the term used for applying natural coloured pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. 

The procedure is completely safe, allowing you to have a natural looking effect that will last from morning to night, day after day.

After just one procedure, you can have beautiful, smudge free makeup that can last years.



  • Powdered/Blocked – £250
  • Hairstroke- £300
  • Multi-coloured/3D- £320


  • Lash enhancement- £230
  • Thin eyeliner- £250


  • Contoured lips- £250
  • Full lip colour- £300
  • Volumising blush- £270

The above prices include the initial treatment AND the top up treatment 4-6 weeks later. Two treatments are advised for the best results.

Refresher appointments from £150, general guideline is within 20-24 months initial treatment.

Fully Certified in Cosmetic Micro Pigmentation.

kotiart@mail.com – 01530 263295